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Chemical process engineering

In chemical process engineering, we accompany the transition from the laboratory scale to the technical standard in apparatus and plant construction. We support you in the design, technical design and scaling of pilot, demonstration and industrial plants and optimize their components.

  • Design of chemical reactors, distillation units, heat exchangers, separators and other process plants with regard to dimensioning, material usage and operating mode
  • Adaptation of reaction behavior and reaction kinetics
  • Design for low investment and operating costs
  • Optimization of the operation in terms of costs and function
  • Simulation of material and energy flows
  • Create reaction networks and simulate reaction kinetics
  • Evaluation of durability
  • high specific product performance due to optimal residence times, conversion rates and reactivity selectivities
  • good micro and macro mixing for mixing problems
  • high separation efficiency during distillation processes
  • high heat exchanger performance and optimized integration of process heat