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Exhaust Aftertreatment

The introduction of new emission standards requires a significant reduction in NOx, CO2 and particulate emissions in mobile applications. For passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the use of efficient exhaust aftertreatment systems is unavoidable.

Anforderungen an Abgasnachbehandlungssysteme:
  • dauerhaft hohe Leistungsfähigkeit über den Einsatzzeitraum
  • geringe Wartungsintensität
  • hohe Kosteneffizienz

  • Optimised exhaust aftertreatment with reduced consumption
  • CAE analysis of flow and temperature and reductant distribution, evaluation of deposit formation
  • Optimization of flow control, mixing section and reducing agent injection / treatment
  • Mathematical optimization
  • Optimum function of the system components and the overall system
  • Improved Catalyst flow
  • Improved reductant distribution in the SCR-Catalyst
  • Avoiding deposits