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After the creation of virtual process flows or the development of a digital twin, the question quickly arises as to the optimal process control or the most efficient geometry with regard to the most diverse target variables.

From fully parameterized CAD design models, to automated grid generation, to robust numerical methods, and robust online or meta-model based optimization processes, we offer you a complete portfolio to achieve optimal results.

Through years of experience in the construction of automated process flows and the combination of various software tools, we support you in the search for the optimal combination of input parameters.

  • mathematical-based optimization of process or geometry parameters with regard to defined target values and restrictions
  • Set-Up of a mathematically based optimization process (online or meta-model based)
  • Sensitivity analysis using adjoint methods for the localization of geometrically relevant areas
  • Adaptation of various software tools for automated processing
  • Experience-based selection of parameters to minimize the search space
  • Optimized parameter combinations with regard to the target specification